The quota of 200 dollars of savings in US dollars is renewed: who can access it and how many pesos are needed

With the beginning of May comes renewal of the monthly quota of US$200 per person to access the official dollar plus tax, making it 65% more expensive. Unlike previous months, the distance of solidarity with the blue dollar gets smaller: this Monday, May 2, they separated only $2.09. Even in mid-April, the situation arose that the official was more expensive than the parallel.

Following the government’s trickle-down devaluation of the peso, which was accentuated with the agreement with the IMF at the end of March, the the official dollar accumulates an increase of 11.6% since the start of 2022. This implies that at the beginning of May it takes more pesos to get the 200 dollars of the hoarding quota.

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So, at the start of May needs about $4100 more than Jan 3 to buy the official dollar, plus PAIS taxes (30%) and withholding tax (35%), for which a refund can be requested from AFIP.

How many pesos do you need to buy the savings of US$200 in May 2022

the official dollar cited in $$120.25 for sale in the National Bank (BNA). With PAIS taxes (30%) and withholding tax of 35% in advance on income, the friendly is consolidated in $198.41. In the rest of the banks, the price averages $121, according to data from the Central Bank (BCRA).

Thus, with the price of BNA, who can fully utilize their monthly savings dollar quota You must have something over $39,685 in order to buy US$200.

This figure is reached because the purchase of US currency requires $24,050while for taxes you will have to pay the others $15,635.

The amount to be able acquire the $200 equals the basic food basketwhich in March reached $39,862 for a family not to be considered destitute.

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Blue dollar and savings are minimum distance

the short distance between blue and thrift or solidarity tends to discourage the number of people interested in buying tickets in banks, which in addition to the amount limit have a series of restrictions in force for almost two years.

In March, the number of people using the quota dropped. This is the first drop since June 2021, according to official data. April would have had the same trend, although the overheating of financial prices and the parallel of the last ten days would have activated purchases not made in the previous days.

Who can’t buy dollar savings in May 2022

Since May, a new group will be affected by the restrictions and will not be able to buy foreign currency in banks. They are the ones who collect the $18,000 bonus for informal workers, lower-class monotributists, the unemployed, and employees of private homes. In the decree that formalized the “reinforcement of income” due to high inflation, it was noted that those who decide to receive state aid they will not be able to access to the foreign exchange market (MULC) for six months.

They complete, to date, the list of those who cannot access the 200 USD quota per person, which are the following investors who:

  • They bought MEP dollars or counted with liquidation at the last 90 days;
  • They received a salary under the production and labor assistance program (ATP) or del Breeding II;
  • They bill or bill social plans; As the EFI 2020. AUH and Revenue Enhancement 2022;
  • Monotributistas who have charged or have enhanced tax credits;
  • Son joint account holders bank (only one of the holders can buy);
  • They spent their quota of 200 USD with a card (for purchases abroad or on Netflix or Spotify services);
  • agreed to refinance in 12 times for card debt credit;
  • They refinanced with the banks their credit debts personal, pledge or mortgage.

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What is the solidarity dollar or savings

It is the sum of the price of official dollar plus tax COUNTRY (30%) and the deduction of 35% as a deposit on income.

It is the value with which one must be guided when acquire foreign currency to save or to perform transactions (purchase of goods or services by credit or debit card) abroad.

How to find out if you can buy dollar savings in April 2022

Those looking to access the purchase of the savings dollar and are not part of the group affected by the conditions of the stocks, can check the authorization via the Negative certificateissued by ANSES.

This is proof that you have a 30 days validity and leaves records that are not saved:

  • contributions as a worker in a dependent relationship;
  • Declared jurisdictions provinces that have not joined SIPA (both for active and passive workers);
  • Transfers like Independents and/or Monotributistas and/or Workers of Private Houses;
  • Collection of assignments for Maternity for Worker of Private Houses;
  • Collection of benefit for Unemployment;
  • Collection of social programss.
  • Receipt of universal family allowance (AUH);
  • collecting the Pregnancy allowance;
  • Collection of Progress scholarships;
  • Collection of retirement benefits in force on the date of the request.
  • social work;
  • Collection of Revenue increase 2022.