Surprise stimulus check worth $2,000 for US households with specific income offered

MILLIONS of Americans could receive stimulus checks worth $2,000 if a Pennsylvania governor’s spending plan is approved.

On Wednesday, Democratic Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf renewed his call for state lawmakers to approve his plan to use federal Covid-19 relief money for stimulus checks.


New spending plan could provide millions of Americans with $2,000 checksCredit: Getty
Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf renewed his call on Wednesday for the potential spending plan to pass


Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf renewed his call on Wednesday for the potential spending plan to passCredit: Getty

If approved, the $500 million plan would provide a one-time payment worth up to $2,000 to certain beneficiaries.

Households with an income of $80,000 or less would qualify for the checks.

The program would be funded by the US federal Rescue Plan Act. These funds will be returned to the federal government if not used by December 31, 2024.

“The cost of everything from gas to groceries is a little higher right now than it was a few weeks ago,” Governor Wolf said in a recent press release.

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“For Pennsylvanians living paycheck to paycheck, even a small increase in spending can mean painful decisions like paying for food or paying rent.”

Wolf urged his fellow Representatives to pass the bill before the funds were wasted.

“Now is the time to act, and the bill has already been presented to the General Assembly.”

“To the Republican leaders in the General Assembly, I say let’s pass this bill now.”

It comes after the plan was backed by State Representative Maureen Madden, who said it would be of great help to those facing “serious economic hardship”.

“Even as the economy recovers in record fashion and the number of unemployed continues to fall, we still face global inflation, and the rising cost of living is hampering the recovery of working-class families who are the cornerstone of our communities,” the rep said. Madden said.

In addition to the stimulus payment, an additional $225 million would be set aside to help small businesses affected by the shutdowns.

An additional $325 million would be given to the state’s health care system and another $450 million to conservation and preservation efforts, as well as the “revitalization” of Pennsylvania communities.

It is not yet clear exactly how the money would be spent and whether it can be spent in full.

Wolf’s plan already enjoys some bipartisan support, with Republicans expressing interest in providing direct financial support to residents.

Republican Senator Dave Argall expressed his gratitude for the funds made available.

“We think it should be spent, we’re grateful to have it,” he said. “We want to spend it in a way that it’s smart and doesn’t result in higher taxes when the governor leaves.”

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