Here’s why many high-income earners struggle to control their finances and how to turn them around, according to industry leader Hubris Global Wealth Management

For Eric McLoyd, one of the leading personal finance coaches, many Americans are good at making money but bad at managing it, while others need help developing their money mindset or being financially responsible in their business. This is where Hubris Global Wealth Management comes in.

Many high-income earners struggle to control their finances, with many upper-middle-class people living paycheck to paycheck, an unpleasant financial reality for many Americans. For Eric McLoyd of Hubris Global Wealth Management, many are good at making money but bad at managing it.

According to an NFCC/Wells Fargo survey, only 44% of Americans have a budget in place. Meanwhile, only 64% of Americans say they are worried about their finances, according to the 2022 Policygenius Financial Anxiety Survey.

“Unfortunately, financial literacy levels don’t automatically increase with income,” says Eric McLoyd, a leading personal financial coach who has helped 6-figure earners take control of their finances. According to the Milken Institute, only 57% of adults in the United States are financially literate. Many need help managing lifestyle inflation, which occurs when their monthly expenses increase as they earn more money.

Eric helps 6-figure earners through his signature YOUR CFO financial coaching program, where he provides the accountability, guidance and structure needed to deactivate negative beliefs and behaviors, improve financial literacy, understand their current financial situation, implement 7-figure goals, track their progress, build their finance team and become a millionaire.

S. Steward, one of Eric McLoyd’s clients, praised the money coach for coming up with such a revolutionary program that helps individuals take control of their cash flow.

“After working with Eric for 3 months, he helped me create a new mindset about my relationship with money, put systems in place to properly budget and track my expenses, and be accountable for my treasury,” Steward wrote in a review.

Mr Pressley, another client, said Eric had helped her ‘focus on growing her business’.

“Eric’s Your CFO program has been an amazing addition to MLP! It helps me understand growing my business, leveraging my people, and the finances of being an entrepreneur. It always leaves me with something to think, and it is because of her guidance that I finally feel in control of my destiny as the owner of a woman-owned, black-owned business,” Pressley said.

Meanwhile, O. Melbourne says his opportunity to work with Eric has strengthened his mindset and positioned him for success.

“The responsibility to become more professional through his coaching; helped improve not only my business qualities, but also my life to undertake this journey,” Melbourne wrote.

Eric earned an MBA in Corporate Finance and passed the FINRA Investment Adviser Series 65 exam. After being an award-winning life and health insurance recruiter and producer, he founded and led several Chicago economic development institutions and has helped over 100 entrepreneurs of color achieve their dreams of becoming business owners and nonprofit leaders. He also launched his podcast.

Those wishing to contact Eric McLoyd can direct message or email immediately. Others who want to know more about Hubris Global Wealth Management can follow its social channel for more information.

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