Fremont hopes second attempt at 0.5% income tax will win voter approval

The 5-year tax would increase the street service budget from $400,000 to $2.5-3 million per year for road repairs.

FREMONT, Ohio — After a levy was rejected by Fremont voters last year, the city is once again asking its residents to pass a half percent income tax increase for the road repair.

Bill Guhn has been the supervisor of the Fremont Streets Department for nearly 12 years.

He says his department only has about $400,000 available for street repairs, which currently allows him to work on only a few roads a year.

For this reason, the city is asking voters to pass a 5.5 percent income tax exclusively for road repairs.

If approved, Guhn Street’s budget would increase to $2.5-3 million per year.

“It’s a lot to do a lot of different projects. We’re not going to stay in one area of ​​the city, we’re going to work in four quadrants. Everyone pays taxes. We want to make sure we distribute that,” Guhn said.

In addition to repaving long-ignored roads, the additional funding would allow Fremont to qualify for more ODOT projects since these projects come with a local match requirement.

Guhn says they won’t just focus on major thoroughfares if the tax passes, but will also make sure the city’s smaller roads get the proper attention.

“You know, we don’t want to ignore people because the most important road for them is the one they live on,” Guhn said.

If the half-percent income tax is approved by voters next week, the city of Fremont will begin collecting that extra revenue early in the new year, with the expectation that construction should start this time in 2023.

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