Blink by Chubb Launches New Income Protection Insurance

Blink by Chubb announced the launch of Blink Paycheck – a new income protection insurance product that can help keep consumers’ lives on track when they are ill or injured and unable to work.

The new product is currently available in 37 states and provides benefits of up to $2,500 per month if a person cannot work due to injury or illness and is under a doctor’s care.

Market research conducted by Blink showed that for many self-employed people, insurance isn’t just about protecting themselves, it’s also about supporting their families.

Additionally, Blink Paycheck gives freelancers and construction workers peace of mind that they will have benefits that can be used to continue meeting their financial responsibilities, such as rent, car loans, and monthly groceries if unable to work due to illness or injury.

Additionally, through the use of API integration, gig economy platforms, affinity partners, and digital brokers can quickly and easily integrate Blink Paycheck Income Protection as well as Blink Cyber ​​directly into their digital environment, which will bring added value to workers.

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“The nature of work has changed dramatically during the pandemic, with a significant growth in the gig economy and many freelancers working without employer-sponsored benefits,” said Leslie Marshall, senior vice president, head of Blink by Chubb.

“Blink Paycheck can provide gig marketplaces with a much-needed income protection safety net for their vendors and self-employed workers in the event that they become ill or injured and are unable to work.”

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