A third of Carlow tenants spend ‘at least 50% of their income’ on rent

A third of renters in Carlow and across Ireland spend 50% or more of their net income on rent, according to a housing charity.

Threshold has published the results of a survey of 500 adult tenants about their income, as part of its campaign to highlight the rights of private tenants in Ireland.

It revealed that 60% had seen their rent go up in the past year, and almost half (47%) of all renters said a landlord had unfairly withheld their security deposit, an increase of 20%. % compared to last year.

Seventy-four percent of renters said it is common to have mold or damp issues in their rental units, which is a 57% increase from last year; and 27% of tenants experienced an unjust eviction, up from 10% last year.

Housing Minister Darragh O’Brien said the Fianna Fail party is “very aware of the pressures tenants are facing” in the 2023 budget negotiations.

“It’s a very important group of people that I would love to be able to help, but that’s obviously based on the discussions we have and will have over the next few weeks to see what we can do to help.

“I am also very aware of the high cost of rent and the proportion that many tenants pay in their take home pay.

“So without exactly pointing out, because these are things that have to be agreed, what I would say to you that from my point of view as Minister for Housing, from the point of view of Fianna Fail, that tenants are at the center of my thoughts right now and in our discussions that we have with government colleagues.

Threshold said rent increases and landlords exiting the market, especially smaller landlords who would provide more affordable housing, were putting additional pressure on financially-struggling tenants.

John-Mark McCafferty, chief executive of Threshold, said the tenancy rights campaign was important at a “very critical, very difficult time in the private rental sector in terms of rent levels, security of tenure and quality of fair availability of housing. in the private rental sector.

Launched by Threshold and the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage, this is the second year of the Own Your Rights campaign.

The campaign is designed to raise awareness of how Threshold can provide tenants with the immediate and urgent assistance they need at a time when tenant needs are unprecedented.

Mr McCafferty added: “In the face of all the challenges and issues facing private tenants and their families, it’s about reassuring private tenants and saying ‘Listen, Threshold is here. We are free, we are confidential, we are in your corner”.

“We will assist, we will advise, we will give bespoke advice, we will represent where necessary, and we will protect tenancies, thus preventing homelessness.”